Dec 27, 2008 1:14 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk

Let me start by asking.  Is there a forum for Impulse Support?  Because I cannot locate one from inside or outside of the Impulse application.  Is this intentional?

Second, it seems that there's no way to only view the applications I have installed.  I can do filter-based searches, but the only way I can tell what applications are installed is to hunt down the list for the tiny "installed" text beneith the app title.  

Up until Dec 9th when logon Vista was updated, impulse always showed that an update was available, even though I had a more recent version than Impulse knew about.

I dont get it.  SDC was SO Much easier to use....and it looked a lot nicer too....you know....like Windows....my computer's UI.


And while I'm at it...i cant believe there's no way to subscribe to this thread so I can see replies!!  I will most likely forget to keep looking and just go on being annoyed with Impulse.

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Aug 22, 2008 1:43 PM by Discussion: Icons

The new edition of Icon-A-Day has re-kindled my desire to make a custom icon pack, using various file-type icons that I like.   The Icon-A-Day file-types are pretty nice, and they scale down pretty well.


However as I start to do it, i come across the same old problem.   90% of the time I use Explorer, I'm in "Details View" so that I can properly sort file easily....and see pertanent details about them.

The problem with that is, that in Detials View, icons are ALWAYS 16x16, and so not only can I appreciate having nice icons,  but I can barely tell them apart!

Surely someone must have found a way to hack things up to get larger icons in Details View?   My ideal would be to actually have "Tiles" view, but with additional fields spread out to the right.

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